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Welcome to your new web site!

Welcome to the new MWDLA website. As part of our continue efforts to offer our members greater services, we are launching a new website. Included on this website will be information to keep you updated with the most current industry news, educational resources and government relations.


MWDLA'S Educational Events

MWDLA recently offered an educational seminar on Saturday, October 7th at
Classic Cleaners in Indianapolis

Attendees had the chance to sit in on three different seminars throughout the day.   They could attend Spotting and also work at the spotting board trying different methods to remove spots.  Anyone who had a difficult stain was encouraged to bring along the garment and the instructor, Martin Young of FabriCounsel Consulting worked with them on the best recommended way to remove the stain.    

Jeff Quail of Poseidon spoke to cleaners about wetcleaning and spotting of garments.  He demonstrated some of the wetcleaning equipment that Classic Cleaners has in their production facility.  


Jeff Dunn of Machinex talked with managers and maintenance individuals about the different equipment in their plants and the importance of having a regular maintenance schedule.    No drycleaner can afford to be broke down for even one day….and having a regular maintenance schedule and checking each piece of equipment against a required list of parts that often need replaced regularly will guaranteed that pads, hoses, filters, valves and other maintenance needs are done regularly and during down time, so there will not be critical break downs, or supply shortages.   

Dean Sheridan of Kreussler, sponsor of the seminars also shared information on the cleaning supplies and chemicals they offer to help the drycleaner to treat spots and stubborn grime that needs extra attention when customers drop off their orders.   A happy customer is a return customer.

This was an excellent seminar and good opportunity on a Saturday for drycleaners to send their key employees, or new employees for training and networking with other drycleaners.    We had a good attendance,  MWDLA has had seminars in Cincinnati, and Marietta OH,  Indianapolis, South Bend, Notre Dame, Lafayette,  IN, Louisville, Danville,  and Cold Springs, KY. 

We try to plan events in all of our membership area.   If you want to host an event, let us know. We encourage you to mark your calendars when you see another seminar on the MWDLA activities list, you can’t afford not to attend.    The best drycleaners are always training their staff…...to keep up with progress you must constantly educate yourself, your managers, and your employees.  


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